St.Maarten Entry Requirements

Sint Maarten has implemented a mandatory health pre-authorization application through an Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) for every visitor arriving by air, including transit visitors, Sint Maarten, and Saint Martin residents. This requirement was put in place as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. The health pre-authorization is a requirement for boarding. Please be aware that the processing period could take up to 12 hours. Please review the most recent requirements before booking your ticket, as this information is updated frequently.

Border Control St.Maarten /Saint. Martin – Traveling restrictions?

No restrictions apply when crossing the border between St. Maarten and Saint Martin. The movement of people and cargo between the island’s two regions is unrestricted. The primary languages spoken on the island are English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Creole.

Popular Festivals

Beginning in the middle of April and ending the first weekend in May, this festival lasts for three weeks. It is observed on both sides of St. Maarten, though the main parade on the Dutch side takes place in the island’s capital, with people dancing in the streets while wearing colorful Caribbean costumes.

Every year in March, a three-day boat race takes place. The first day has a race around the island, and the second and third-day feature specially built courses. Every racing event concludes with a party to cap off the day. Sailors from all around the world compete in the event.

St Maarten’s Day
This holiday, also known as Martinmas, honors St. Martin of Tours and is a customary occasion for feasting celebrations. Christopher Columbus gave St Martin Island, of which St Maarten is a part, its name because he discovered the nation on this saint’s feast day in 1493. As it is a public holiday on November 11, most businesses are closed for the celebration.

Grassroots Festival
Every year on July 21, families gather to celebrate the end of slavery on this holiday. Events before and after slavery’s legal abolition in 1833 have had a significant impact on the history and cultural makeup of this Caribbean society.

SXM Festival
SXM Festival takes pride in attracting the most discerning audience of music enthusiasts. It is held on the idyllic island of Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten and features the best of worldwide DJs and electronic music talent.

Accepted currencies on St.Maarten

Along with the local Dutch Guilder NAF, the US Dollar and the Euro are the most extensively used currencies on both sides of the island. All major credit cards are accepted on the island, however, most places prefer cash payments, especially in smaller shops and cafes.