1.            Car Rental Agreement- Standard Terms and Conditions

This Car Rental Agreement is entered between Krystal’s Car Rental N.V and Starlite Car Rental, referred to hereinafter as OWNER, and the lessee referred to hereinafter as RENTER. The Car Rental Agreement outlines the rights and obligations of both parties entering the rental contract by OWNER. The RENTER agrees to pay for the dates driven. The RENTER adheres to the full responsibility of the vehicle upon entering and driving the vehicle for the first time. The OWNER and RENTER will adhere to the Collision Waiver Insurance Policy requested during the booking of the vehicle. The undersigned OWNER hereby leases to the undersigned RENTER, what is herein termed a motor vehicle referred to hereinafter as “Vehicle” or “Rental”. The national laws of Country Sint. Maarten shall apply to this agreement and its terms and conditions.  Any dispute(s) arising from this contract, or any condition(s) of this agreement may be settled by the court of First Instance of Country Sint. Maarten so deemed necessary.


2.            Delivery & Return

In the event, the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date, at the agreed time, and at the agreed location, the OWNER reserves the right to recover the vehicle at the expense of the RENTER. The RENTER is held liable for any recovery fees of said vehicle. Should the vehicle not be recovered before the end of the contracted rental period, the vehicle may be treated as theft and the legal and financial consequences may be taken at the expense of the RENTER. The RENTER agrees that the said vehicle shall be returned to the OWNER at the agreed-upon location, in good condition or as received. The vehicle must be returned during opening hours, or at the agreed time stipulated in the rental contract. The keys must be returned to the OWNER or a Starlite Car Rental staff/representative. The RENTER must ensure that the Fuel is returned with the amount as when issued. Failure to refill fuel will result in fuel charges and additional administrative fees at the expense of the RENTER. The RENTER may be charged by the OWNER without consent. The OWNER reserves the right to charge the credit card information provided during the registration of the rental should the fuel policy become voided.


3.            Rental Damages & Charges

The RENTER surrenders his/her credit card rights to Starlite Car Rental upon signing the rental contract to administer changes to the provided credit card solely for the amounts estimated in the vehicle rental agreement, which include, but is not limited to: the Rental contract rate, damages or repairs caused by the RENTER, towing fees, liabilities stipulated in the insurance coverages, legal rental disputes by the court of First Instance of Country St. Maarten, Fuel and administration costs, fees as a result of breaches made to Starlite Car Rental Terms and Conditions. Renter agrees to promptly pay all charges for damages to said vehicle, loss of a spare tire, tools, or accessories loss or damages to child seats, as well as attorney fees incurred by the OWNER in efforts to enforce the legal obligations of the rental contract.

•              The RENTER is liable for all expenses that occurred due to negligence and recklessness (incorrect fuel type, punctured tires, or broken tire or rims. The RENTER is liable for all fines by the national authorities and costs incurred due to illegal parking or traffic violations committed during the rental period of the RENTER or any additional drivers listed on the rental contract.

•              The RENTER agrees to reimburse the OWNER for loss, damage, and expenses paid or incurred by the OWNER due to injuries or damages sustained to the said vehicle by the RENTER, occupants, third parties, or the property of third parties.

•              RENTER further agrees that he/she understands that the OWNER is not responsible for injuries sustained by RENTER, additional drivers, passengers, or third party while riding, exiting, or entering the rental. The RENTER shall not in any manner aid or abet any claimant but shall cooperate fully with the Owner in all matters connected with the investigation and defense of any claim or suit filed by Krystal’s Car Rental N.V.


4.            Insurance & Validity Conditions

The insurance is limited to the duration of the rental agreement as stipulated on the rental agreement. Coverage is only extended when previously arranged and accepted by the OWNER and RENTER.  Should the RENTER accept additional insurance coverage supplements; Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Third-Party Liability (TPL), the responsibility for accidental loss or damage to the rented vehicle/property or human is limited to the amount of the deductible, except in instances violating national laws or those stipulated in Starlite Car Rental Terms and Conditions agreement.


5.            Exclusions

The insurance coverage is excluded in the following situations: the vehicle described herein shall not be insured for the following:

•              Any person not in possession of a valid driver’s license, any person under the age of 21 years, and or any person driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

•              Any person participating in an illegal race or speeding competition, any person driving over the accepted speed limit.

•              Any person parked illegally causing their vehicle to be damaged or towed.

•              Persons not registered on the Rental agreement are not authorized to drive the rental and are therefore not covered by the Collision Damage Waiver Insurance under any circumstances.

•              Any vehicle theft or tire theft

•              Any person under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics.

•              Any person using Starlite Car Rental vehicle to commit illegal acts found in the civil, criminal, administrative, and commercial laws of St. Maarten.

•              Any person that is involved in a collision, or accident or has tampered with the vehicle without reporting the incident. Any person who attempts to repair vehicle damages independently without consulting a Starlite Car Rental representative.

RENTER hereby agrees that he/she will abide by the terms and conditions as stipulated herein.  The RENTER relinquishes all rights and agrees to the indemnity of Starlite Car Rental. “Insurance coverage under this contract for public liability and property is provided in limited amount following the laws of country St. Maarten. The C.D.W. does not cover theft and Third-Party Liability. Should the interior of the vehicle become damaged, wet, or soiled, charges will be applied. Smoking is not prohibited inside the vehicle.


6.            Fees and Fines

Damaged tire/s: $55 – $ 250 per tire.  Tools $100.   Hub Caps $150 – $350. Number Plate: $75.  Damaged/ Lost Keys $350 -$500. Remote/Alarm: $250- $475.  Mats $50.   Damaged Jeep top $350 – $2000.  Broken Antenna$ 50- $150.   Jeep Returned Top Down $75.00. Excessive Sand $75. Insufficient fuel $50- $175.


7.            Non-smoking policy

Starlite Car Rental is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers. To deliver on this commitment, all Starlite Car Rental vehicles are non-smoking. A $200 cleaning fee will be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking.


8.            Child seat policy

Starlite Car Rental is committed to the safety of your child. Therefore, we offer offers a range of child safety seats that are suitable for infants and children weighing up to 36kg. Starlite Car Rental voluntarily complies with local laws which require a child seat for children under the age of 5 years. Damage to child seats may result in a fine of up $ 350 per child seat.